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Al Jana Parfum Nektar (Parfum Extrait)

Al Jana Parfum Nektar (Parfum Extrait)

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The Scoop

An enchanted garden rendered in watercolors. This opens with a bright, joyous burst of lemon, then the delicate layers of translucent green are added thyme, clary sage (salvia sclarea) and helichrysum. This is a garden full of herbs and trees with only the occasional flower blooming in the mix. It is crisp and refreshing rather than sweet and it is so vividly green that we can smell the sap moving through the plants. An earthy blend of vetiver, cedar and tonka anchors this elegant scent giving us the sense of the whole garden: the dark soil, the stems, the bark of the trees and the sun streaming through the transparent green leaves. Energizing and refined. Al Jana Parfum Nektar Notes

Thyme, lemon, star anise, helichrysum, ylang ylang, cypress, salvia sclarea, Virginia cedar, vetiver, sandalwood bark, tonkan

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