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Jadab - Eau Fine (Eau de Parfum)

Jadab - Eau Fine (Eau de Parfum)

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The Scoop

Every man appeals to somebody, but some men just have a presence- some striking combination of looks, charisma, wit and style that turns heads, commands a room, and leaves admirers swooning. In the western world, we might say hes got game. In the Middle East, they also have a word for it: jadab. In the spirit of this simple but all-encompassing compliment, SoOud gives us a fragrance for the modern head-turner- part seductively animalic, part sophisticatedly contemporary, and completely perfect for any man- or woman- confident enough to want to be noticed.nnLike the tall, dark stranger who only becomes more charming as you fall into conversation, Jadab opens with raw, animalic power, and then softens into something thoughtful and deeply comforting. Growling spices are refined with candied florals, and a base of deep woods retains a thoroughly modern energy and sparkle for hours. Theres a million ways we could rave about this universally captivating new fragrance from SoOud- but the best way to describe it is already written on the bottle.nnTo our noses, the concentrated Nektar strength accentuates the richness of the candied fruits for attention grabbing, long-lasting sweet juiciness, while the lighter Eau Fine suggests itself for daily wear with more focus on the creamier, muskier aspects of the woodsy notes.nJadab - Eau Fine NotesnnOud, Candied Fruit Bouquet, Woods

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