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Xerjoff's Oroville (formerly Tobacco Oroville) is a perfume connoisseur's dream. Easy yet complex, smoothly blended yet with rich character, Oroville goes anywhere, does anything, and all with savoir faire even Cary Grant would envy. It is understated enough to go to work, intriguing enough for an evening on the town, and intimate enough for a quiet dinner for two. To use a word we don't hear enough these days, Oroville is suave.

The opening notes of Roman chamomile and clary sage bolstered by orange flower and neroli are the first hint of the fragrance's surprising yet seemingly effortless harmony. From this beginning, Oroville segues into a spicy, woody, floral heart of Cuban tobacco leaves, carnation, and galbanum. The carnation lends a clove-like note, accenting the leathery sweetness of the tobacco leaves. Galbanum provides an almost spring-like freshness to the composition that makes Oroville contemporary, even as it hints at old libraries and worn leather armchairs. The clean whisper of white musk and warmth of vanilla and amber give the fragrance body. Mysore sandalwood, the finest and rarest of all sandalwood, draws your nose in to smell more deeply. Oroville is a modern classic.nOroville NotesnnRoman chamomile, clary sage, orange flower, Italian neroli, carnation, Cuban tobacco leaves, Mysore sandalwood, galbanum, vanilla, amber, white musk

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