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Perfume lovers who favor amber are unusually choosy. They seek an amber that is spicy without detracting from the note's sweet-salty depth. They want a fragrance with rich, animalic qualities, but not one that smells too dirty. To keep the amber lively and interesting, they insist on a balance of fresh, floral, and wood that complements the amber without overwhelming it. After all, it isn't easy to find Marilyn Monroe's luscious curves coupled with Marie Curie's intelligence, and Diaghilev's grace.nnIn Modoc, we may have found the answer. Modoc's tart, lemony opening is soon balanced by the ever-changing amber that underlies it. As the amber unfolds, elegant vetiver lends an earthy, watery counterpoint. Rooty Florentine iris butter shows its intelligence and gives structure to the carnal amber vibrating through it. Vanilla accents amber's sweetness, while a clean musk adds a skin-like dimension. Amber lovers, take note: Xerjoff's Modoc just might be your Holy Grail.nModoc NotesnnLemon, orange, artemisia, Florentine iris, orange flowers, vetiver, vanilla absolute, amber, musk

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