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It's not easy to make a deeply romantic fragrance that is both strong yet undeniably feminine. Xerjoff succeeds with Ibitira. As delicate as silk, lighter than chiffon made of moonlight, yet still substantial, Ibitira gives Joy a run for its money. Centuries ago, Ibitira might have been the choice of French princesses for whom money is no object. It would have been worn to stroll in elaborately planted parterres in summer where young men paid court among the roses. More recently, Ibitira would have sung gloriously on delicate beauties such as Grace Kelly. At first sniff, we knew Ibitira will find a cherished place at weddings and wherever love flourishes--or wants to flourish.

A Champagne-like tingle of citrus and fresh green signals Ibitira's opening. As the tingle fades, Ibitira transitions to a soft, enveloping halo of intoxicating jasmine, Bulgarian rose, and Florentine iris. The jasmine lifts Ibitira, infusing the fragrance with a narcotic thrum. The rose adds a passionate, sensual aspect, and the iris lends structure, character, and intelligence. Cedar, vanilla, and Haitian vetiver round out and ground Ibitira's rich floral heart, giving it the foundation to whisper its romantic message for hours. Looking for a love potion You've found it in Ibitira.nIbitira NotesnnItalian lemons, green violette, orange flowers, Bulgarian Rose, Neroli, Florentine Iris, Cedar, Haitian vetiver, vanilla bourbon, musk

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