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Among themselves, women talk about the irresistible smell of a sensual man. The scent of which they whisper is fresh and clean but tells of the slept-in sheets the man has left behind. Dhofar is that smell. Of all Xerjoff's fragrances, Dhofar is perhaps the most assertively masculine. But like any truly seductive man, it hides a tender heart. At first, Dhofar is all leather, sweat, and spice. But time reveals its clean, soapy backbone and tender neroli.nnDhofar's traditional side calls to mind many of the great classic fragrances with its complex, aromatic blend of lavender, orange flower, and pine needles. Soon, however, a warm, spicy heart emerges with the clove-like touch of carnation and what smells to us like cardamom, luscious sandalwood, patchouli, and a hint of leather. The resulting combination is complex and slightly dirty. It is strong and sexy but never leers. Balancing this carnal mix is a warm, sweet musk reminding us of clean flesh underneath a well-worn leather jacket. You've heard the expression-- It's like me but only better For a man, that's Dhofar.

Dhofar NotesnnLavender, coriander, pine needles, jatamansi, laurel, orange flower, rose absolute, carnation, Australian sandalwood, patchouli, labdanum, myroswelia balsam, amber

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