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The Scoop

Xerjoff recognizes that just because we want a youthful, fun fragrance, it doesn't mean we will compromise on raw materials or the talent that goes into creating it. We enjoy having a good time, but that doesn't mean we leave our standards at the door when passing beyond the velvet rope into the dernier cri nightclub. Knowing this, Xerjoff gives us Shingl, a lively cocktail of rum, herbs, and strawberries that has us laughing in joy, then drawing in our breaths at its beauty.nnFrom the first sniff, you know Shingl is the party girl of the Xerjoff Shooting Stars collection of fragrances. The sweet-sharp smell of rum absolute blended with a compelling mix of basil and anise intrigues the nose. Giving this intoxicating yet sophisticated brew further seduction is a swirled-in layer of what smells to us like strawberry. Just when we think we have Shingl pinned down as another fruity, boozy perfume, albeit of outstanding quality and unquestionable charm, the rooty scent of iris rears its head casting an intellectual structure over the scent. Warm vanilla and a clean but sensual musk keeps the serious iris in check. Sensual and intoxicating.

Shingl Notes

Bergamot, basil, anise, rum, iris, vetiver, amber, musk, vanilla

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