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A spray of Xerjoff's Lua, and we're on the balcony of a hotel in Cannes watching moonlight play on the waves of the Mediterranean as it laps against the sandy beach. A warm breeze heavy with the fragrance of the gardens below caresses us and the music of a dance orchestra sounds in the distance. The Cte d'Azur seems a lazy playground for us alone. We have a cold drink made with fresh-squeezed fruit in our hand and someone we love in the chaise next to us. This is a fragrance made for summer nights and good friends. Lua makes us feel as if we haven't a care in the world.nnLua doesn't taunt with a bright opening, but quickly settles into its heart of juicy Bulgarian rose, earthy Florentine iris, and mouthwatering tropical fruit. The rose and iris are of the highest quality, and their grace balances the carefree, gourmand accent of the fruit. Pink pepper sharpens the composition and keeps it interesting. Weaving throughout Lua and forming its foundation are sweet sandalwood and vanilla. We can't always afford to drop everything and jet to the South of France. But with Lua at hand, who needs tonLua NotesnnBergamot, orange, lemon, melon, Bulgarian rose, Florentine iris, pink pepper, lily, cedar wood, vanilla, musk

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