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Burqa Eau Fine (Eau de Parfum)

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The Scoop

Dark and mysterious, this is liquid incense, ready to be poured as an offering. Dry as the desert wind and vaguely unnerving as it switches from the recognizable (ah, rose and leather) to the unknowable, Burqa is unlike any fragrance we have smelled before. Chinese ink, black amber, rubber sap, myrrh and teak merge to create a strange and wondrous whole subtle and enigmatic and dark as obsidian. Like falling in love with someone who is wrong for you on paper, but just right in person, its best to let yourself be swept up in this strange and beautiful scent without overanalyzing it. A gorgeous scent that is full of secrets.nBurqa Eau Fine NotesnnJasmine rose, black violet, cardamom, sage, leather, benzoin, myrrh, black ink, rubber sap, black amber, teak, patchouli drops, guaiac

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